1.Quick-Fit Projector Screen 

120/150/200/300 inch Projector Curtain Bracket Portable Mobile HD 300-inch 4: 3 Quick-Fit Screen with Flight Case

Product Description:

1.independent patented technology within the buckle locking system, different from the traditional buckle-type folding screen, the buckle from the overall shape does not affect the appearance of the framework, there is no prominent part of all the key buckle all built-in tube , Thus effectively protecting the joint position, durable.

2.the use of high-strength aluminum alloy, the whole can be stacked, the structure of smart, the entire product is packed with aviation explosion-proof equipment box, the box is composed of high-strength anti-vibration damping material, thus ensuring the absolute safety during transport. And with a brake pulley, easy to move anywhere.

3.humane support frame, through the included crank knob can be adjusted the height of the entire screen.

4.using soft PVC material edge, high flexibility. Effective combination of edging and curtain with double needle, the curtain and the edging have a corresponding shrink space, will not change with the temperature and humidity changes, at -25 to +55 degrees ambient temperature, the edge and the curtain is not There will be torn traces.

5.positive, rear projection screen using American technology A-level high-elastic PVC soft screen, the difference between the traditional soft screen, folding traces open, you can recover in a relatively short period of time. Curtain surface by a special embossed treatment, effectively eliminating the glare phenomenon, while greatly improving the screen angle and clarity, make the picture more brilliant.

6.suitable for large mobile sites, especially large-scale concerts, exhibitions, mobile theater and so on.

Enhanced density

Process assurance

Precision machinery manufacturing

Screen material

White soft curtain

Screen type

Quick-Fit Screen

Visual size

100"2.032m*1.524m           80Wx60H (inches) (4:3)           

120": 2.438m*1.829m           96Wx72H (inches(4:3)

150": 3.048m*2.286m              120WX90H (inches)​ (4:3) 

170": 3.400m*2.000m           133.9Wx78.7H (inches(16:9)

200": 4.064m*3.048m           160Wx120H (inches(4:3)

200": 4.425m*2.489m           174.2Wx98H (inches(16:9)

300": 6.096m*4.572m           240Wx180H (inches(4:3)

Scene application

Banquet / office commercial / mini-concert / home theater / large-scale business activities...

2.Pull Up Freestanding Projector Screen

60 inches / 70 inches / 80 inches / 90 inches / 100 inches     (16: 9)

Product Description:

White glass fiber: gain 1.3, viewing angle> 160 degrees, with high brightness, good color reproduction, clear imaging, can support 1080P imaging projection, wide field of view, soft light, long time viewing is not easy to fatigue, uniform screen thickness, Light weight, very high flatness of the screen, not affected by the temperature curling, by a special process, the physical parameters of stability, the most advanced screen quality beyond the existing white plastic curtain surface. Can be cleaned.

3.3D VR AR Full Projection Transparent Screen

Product Description:

Casting a dynamic video onto a double layer of yarn through a projector, you can see a fantastic picture. Through the projection of multi-channel fusion system splicing technology, you can complete the large size display, to create a spectacular scene. Combined with the LCD TV behind the screen, to achieve double visual effects. Can be described as the perfect combination of art and high technology, highly ornamental.

Scrims are generally not used as fixtures for performance venues. They are translucent curtains made from thin, mesh-lined cotton or synthetic fibers (much like our mosquito nets, but not the same material). In addition to its own thin, after the discount can be made into a variety of decorative screen features, but also has a certain light transmission. Stage commonly used white screen, black screen, yarn screens show the scene environment, from the curtain back to the scene cast can be hidden in the back of the characters and space environment, so easy to show the dream of virtual scene; The image drawn on the screen of the rendered yarn can be represented; the image drawn in front of the screen does not seem to exist anymore when it is projected from the back of the screen to the screen.


1, easy to install, easy to disassemble

2, Projection media easy to store, can be folded. Low cost, economic and durable.

Scope Of Application:

Stage, exhibition hall, large-scale exhibition, briefing session, wedding scene and so on.


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Screen surface size(mm)

Image size(mm)

Image size(inches)

Black border


H * W

H1 * W1

H2 * W2





























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