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Natural light. Real reflections. Real perspective. No greenspill
Our LED Walls can be used as a background or as a light source. Everyone on set sees and can immerse themselves in the feeling of reality.
10bit/HDR workflow
10bit/HDR is not a problem. Seamless integration into your (existing) workflow.
Let’s make plans together for your large or smaller production.
We know our trade. We focus on what you need. And we are happy to advise you on the right equipment and how to use it.
Display in 10bit/HDR. Integration in the (existing) workflow
Of course, we offer 10bit/HDR display. We also provide tools for pre-visualization, 2D and 3D playback. You can set image specifications in real-time. Everything can be seamlessly integrated into the (existing) workflow. Add it all up, and you have a cost-effective and flexible solution at your fingertips. With full control over every step: from pre-production to the end result.
LED Walls for in-camera VFX
The most realistic environment imaginable for every production.

Made to order. Complete control
The studio will meet all your wishes and requirements.

Hyper-realistic environment
Everyone on set sees actual images instead of a green screen.

Unprecedented creative possibilities
Create results that until recently were unimaginable, unfeasible, and unaffordable.
Dynamic and scalable
All images are dynamic and scalable. The result can be seen directly in the camera. At the end of the production day, you know where you are at. And you’ll save in post-production too.

Years of international experience. The best support for your needs
We have years of international experience and knowledge in film, TV, and media production. And our team is up to date with the latest developments. For you, this translates into professional support on all fronts. With professionals and project managers on standby. Technically and creatively. Together we’ll look at all the possibilities, and we’ll advise you on the right equipment. We focus our thinking on what you need – no matter how high the expectations are.
LED Walls: background and light source
Our LED Walls can be used as a background and as a light source. So you always have natural light on the set, with real reflections, real sightlines, and realistic perspective. You can switch from set to set with the push of a button. From DoP to director, from VFX supervisor to actors: everyone on set immediately sees the results. This way, the whole crew can immerse themselves in the feeling of reality.
LED instead of green screen. With all the benefits
With Virtual production, you have access to a controlled studio environment for your production. With LED Walls instead of green screen. And with all the advantages that come with them. The use of a dynamic, photorealistic background ensures that everyone on set sees immediate results. While greenspill is definitely a thing of the past. A solution that is efficient in costs and time by shifting from post-production to pre-set and on-set production. And you don’t have to travel to an exotic set for that unique, indispensable shot. The crew can work locally and safely – saving even more on your costs.

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