LED Video Wall Rental Service for MAC flash shop | P2 LED Display Screen
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LED Video Wall Rental Service,P2 LED Display Screen
MR Event Planner offers P2 high-quality LED large-scale display design and installation solutions. Suitable for business, banquets, exhibitions, lectures, carnivals, education, government, residential, trade shows, exhibitions, flash shop, events and many other fields. Indoor high-definition LED display. Outdoor super-light HD LED display. 

LED Video Wall Rental can be customized according to your needs, can be large or small. View more about LED Video Wall Rental.

We provide Multi-media & Video Production -  Sound system, lighting, photo shooting & video on site service for government events. For further enquiry for multi-mediaLED video wall rental & video production, rental of projectors, screens, laptops, cameras, sound system, AV system, lightings, TV, led display wall, photo shooting, instant translation service, please contact us at: [email protected]

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